The modern Micro EDM Machine now combines Micro EDM Drilling, Micro EDM Sinking and 3D Micro EDM Milling on one unique machine. A complete synergy of these machining ways with additional features such as Multi-axis motion CNC Controller, automatic electrode re-feeding spindle associated with an electrode changer and most of it a “Built-in” Wire dress device to create and shape micro electrodes are integrated functions which keep the SARIX machines at the leading edge of real micro machining performance.

Micro technologies no longer stay just in research or workshops but have real other industrial pretensions. By the application of micro techniques, and we mean in all aspects, the process must be nothing less than precise, and it must be flexible on a wide range of productive applications. As pioneers of the Micro EDMing technology, SARIX offers high precision and highly versatile machines. Thanks to their design structure they are easily expandable. The specific requirements of the end users are easily achievable in several machining ways. From a basic high precision Micro Drilling configuration, the machine can be updated at any time to complex applications such as the 3D Micro EDM Milling.

With its slogan “Making your needs on 3D Micro EDM Machining a reality”, SARIX puts a strong accent onto its leading position in the Micro EDM Machining field. Thus bringing to the increasingly stringent market real solutions to the requirements of 3D cavities.

The key factor in the success and flexibility of this 3D Micro EDM Milling machining is its ability to machine the whole 3D Micro Eroded cavity with just ONE single set-up! This here is the turn key solution to solve the major difficulties on micro issues. Anyone involved in Micro EDMing of small cavities or shapes can appreciate the tremendous benefit of only having ONE set-up! The 3D SX-uEDM Milling CAM software associated with the WDress unit gives the advantage of allowing the machine to generate for itself the electrode sizes for a complete cavity within the smallest radius on the walls junction and the various bottom levels of the structure.

As we all know in this micro field, for every additional set-up, pick-up, and electrode change you run the risk of adding to the tolerance accumulation and possible mis-match of a continuous cavity profile. And in world of Micro EDM Machining we sometimes just don’t have a tolerance to work with. The last release SARIX – Rest-material function of the SX-uEDM Milling CAM helps in this matter and shows up the real fact on the part.

The advantage of having only one set-up per cavity, or various cavities, is thanks to the flexible approach of the SARIX Machine’s capability to utilize any of its several attachments to produce the required micro hole or 3D cavity. From the initial reference point set-up you are able to switch between using the spindle of your choice, to dressing the electrode on the WDress Unit, to measuring the size of the dressed electrode. All capable of being incorporated into one single set-up! By being able to dress virtually any shape on an electrode the need to outsource shaped electrodes is a thing of the past.

Throughout the years of its strong and accumulated experience of SARIX Machines being used on Micro Hole EDM Drilling, the evolution noticed by many customers after having seen the results of cavities produced within the 3D Micro EDM Milling, you can definitely see here that the one set-up process is the real solution.