The following speakers have been confirmed for 4M2010:

  • Eric Baer, Case Western Reserve University, USA “Continuous Polymer Nanolayer Processing by Forced Assembly”

  • Phil Coates, Bradford University, UK
    "Process structuring of polymers and polymer composites in micromoulding"

  • Heinz Kück, HSG-IMAT, Germany
    "Potential of Moulded Interconnect Devices for the Packaging of Miniature Multifunctional Systems"

  • Nozomu Mishima, AIST, Japan
    "Development of a new micro machining technique and its eco-efficiency evaluation"

  • Herman Schoo, TNO, The Netherlands
    "Thin Film Organic Devices as a platform for Roll to Roll Production of Sensor Systems"

  • Alexander Stuck, CSEM, Switzerland
    "Origination of complex masters for injection molding and hot embossing"