WCMNM2018 AITeM Photo Contest

A typical side effect when working in the micro domain is represented by some really interesting pictures of novel creations. The WCMNM2018 Photo Contest, sponsored by the AITeM Group of Interest on Micro Manufacturing Engineering, is a forum to display these pictures for recognition and evaluation by leading researchers in the field.

The winning picture will be announced during the WCMNM2018 conference.

Official Rules

Important Dates

Final Entry Documents Due – September 15th 2018

Eligibility and Scope

Any researcher is eligible to participate. Both individual and group entries are welcome. An individual may participate in several entries provided each submission is on a different subject. Teams including undergraduate and graduate students are strongly encouraged and will be favoured.

The scope of what constitutes a “micro or nano-system” for the purposes of this contest is rather broad. For this competition, photos of a “micro or nano-system” are defined as images of: A full system or a system component(s) or surface for, but not limited to, micro mechanisms, micro- and nano-robots, micro and nano parts, microfluidics, BioMEMS/NEMS, bio-systems, and sensors and actuators at the micro and nano-scale or for sensing/actuating at the micro and nano-scale.

Contact the contest coordinator if you have any questions about whether your photo lies within the scope of this contest.

Final Entry Documents

The Final Entry Documents should include one Photo Page document as a single pdf file. Participants may format the photo page in any way they like to maximize the readability and presentation of the content. Please contact the contest coordinator if you have any questions in this regard. The Photo Page document should include the following information:

  • The WCMNM 2018 Conference heading at the top of the page. Instead of a paper number, use the following: PHOTO-CONTEST
  • Photo titl
  • Name(s) of the participant(s
  • Affiliatio
  • Phot
  • 1 – 2 paragraph (100-200 words) description of the photo describing it and what makes it interesting and/or novel.

Submission Procedure

Please e-mail the documents to the contest coordinator, Prof. Giovanni Lucchetta:

Judging and Scoring

  • The Final Entry documents will be evaluated by members of the AITeM GoI MM
  • All conference attendees are eligible to vote to determine the winner(s
  • Winners will be announced at the conference gala dinner



The AITeM medal award will be assigned to the author/s of the best picture during the conference gala dinner.