Deadlines (provisional)

End of first reviewMay 2010
End of second reviewJuly 2010

Step by Step Guide

We have a two phase review process.

  1. You will receive a username and password via email
  2. You will receive an email notification about the papers you have to review
  3. Sign in as a reviewer on the submission website
  4. When ready, fill in the review forms
  5. You don't need to complete the reviews in one go, you can always come back, just submit the unfinished form
  6. To finish a review tick the complete box on the box and submit the form
  7. Complete the first reviews by May, 2010
  8. During the second review make sure that the authors have made the changes you've recommended to your satisfaction, if not make a recommendation, change your comments, etc...
  9. Complete the second reviews by July, 2010

Things to pay attention to

When carrying out this task you should consider the:

  • paper format ( MUST use template provided)
  • scope of the paper
  • originality of the paper
  • technical soundness
  • industrial relevance
  • significance to Multi-Material Micro Manufacture
  • the Standard of English
  • number of pages (4 pages)