About the 4M Association


4M was established as a Network of Excellence under the European Framework Program 6 (FP6) to develop Micro- and Nano- Technology (MNT) for the batch-manufacture of micro-components and devices in a variety of materials for future microsystems products. The aim of the Network was to act as a knowledge resource to the research community and to industry in the development of microsystems devices that provide new, enhanced, and multi functionality in tiny packages, integrating micro and nano scale features and properties into products and systems.

The aim of the 4M Association is to try and maintain the existing 4M Network’s community beyond the end of FP6 funding, by maintaining the links and contacts established amongst the members of the network, and widening the community by opening up membership to all.

The 4M Association now has an established membership and has successfully continued the 4M Conference Series, linking up with the USA-based ICOMM Conference to become truly global.