ICOMM/4M 2010
The 5th International Conference on MicroManufacturing focuses on the processes, equipment, and systems for fabricating miniature parts with micro-scale features.

Many fields, including medical, aerospace, military/defense, optics, automotive, consumer products, and communications, have been increasingly demanding miniature devices and components with complex micro-scale features made from a wide selection of materials. Some current applications of miniature parts - with dimensions ranging from a few micrometers to tens of millimeters - include miniature motors and turbines, micro-satellites, implantable medical devices, minimally invasive surgery equipment, micro robots, and miniature molds and dies. It is expected that miniature parts will be increasingly demanded in the future.

Papers are sought to address theoretical and applied research issues related to manufacture, assembly, and metrology for components and systems with micro-scale features.

The full Call for Papers is available to download by clicking on the icon below. Abstracts due on 30 October 2009:

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