TU Wien are organising this 4M Workshop on the topic of:

"Devices for harsh environments (materials, processing, characterisation)"

TU Wien invite all 4M partners to contribute to this topic (also industrial partners) and to participate in this event.

The main goal of the workshop is to present recent achievements in the field of micromachined devices operated under harsh environmental conditions such as temperature, agressive media etc. Topics are related to material aspects, novel devices and their evaluation and the corresponding approaches for packaging and system integration. This event will provide an opportunity to improve technological know-how, to identify co-operation partners, to get information about similar activities and to extend personal networks.

This workshop falls within the 4M extension period so is eligible expenditure.

Full details are on the flyer that you can download from below, along with information about the location and hotels. If you have any further questions or are interested in contributing to this event you can also contact Nadja Adamovic.

Deadline for abstracts is May 8th 2009.

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