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The Annual meeting of current and potential users of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Equipment at Cardiff (Nanoaccess@Cardiff) takes place on 6th October 2009 at Manufacturing Engineering Centre (MEC), Cardiff University.

We are pleased to invite you to the NanoAccess@Cardiff user meeting on the 6th October 2009 at the Manufacturing Engineering Centre (MEC), Cardiff University. This one-day event is designed to showcase the unique nano fabrication and characterisation facilities available at the MEC that are offered free of charge to UK academics under the EPSRC funded project for Free Access. This will be an excellent opportunity for current users to present the results of their research that has benefited from this EPSRC scheme during the first year of the NanoAccess@Cardiff project.

In addition, the event will inform the UK academic community about the free access to 36 state-of-the-art micro and nano fabrication and characterisation installations available under the new FP7 EUMINAfab programme.

On the day the NanoAccess@Cardiff team will be on hand to provide one-to-one consultation sessions with you, your staff and your PhD students, and thus to find out how we can help you to progress your research, and to discuss your potential applications. It is expected that this meeting will not only inspire new users to benefit from this scheme but will also encourage current users to utilise some other nanoscience and nanotechnology equipment in their research, available either in Cardiff or offered via the EUMINAfab programme.

The provisional programme for the NanoAccess@Cardiff annual meeting is as follows:

10:00 Opening and welcome: Prof. DT Pham (MEC director)

10:10 Introduction to NanoAccess@Cardiff: Dr Emmanuel Brousseau (RCUK academic fellow at the MEC)

10:30 NanoAccess@Cardiff Case studies. These case studies will include the following presentations:

  1. Dr Bo Su - University of Bristol , Oral and Dental Science Dept.
    FIB, STEM analysis of nanopatterned titanium by a through-mask anodisation technique

  2. Prof Aimin Song, Manchester University, School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
    Fabrication of nanoelectronic devices using FIB

  3. Dr Tony Graham, University of Bath, Electronic & Electrical Eng.
    FIB analysis of CMOS integrated circuits for biosensors, implants and drug-discovery application

  4. Dr Shareen Doak, Swansea University hospital (Dr Georgi Lalev on behalf)
    FIB/STEM and EDX analysis of FeO treated blood cells (lymphocytes)

12:00 Introduction to the FP7 EUMINAfab programme: Prof. Stefan Dimov (MEC Operations Director)

12:30 Lunch

13:30 Tour of the nanofabrication and characterisation facilities at the MEC

14:30 NanoAccess@Cardiff application procedure: Dr S Bigot (RCUK academic fellow at the MEC)

14:45 EUMINAfab application procedure: Mr Steffen Scholz (MEC Research Fellow)

15:00 One to one consultation sessions with the NanoAccess@Cardiff project team

16:00 Wrap up

16:15 Close

Participation to this event is free but requires notification of attendance by emailing

Further information on the nanoaccess website.