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Within the activities of the COTECH project, you are invited to the Metrology workshop which will be held at ALICONA IMAGING Gmbh (Graz, Austria) on November 10th 2010.

The workshop, organized by Dr. Manfred Prantl and his team at ALICONA IMAGING Gmbh, will be an all-day workshop including both theory and practice with hands-on training on the InfiniteFocus instrument as well as optical form and roughness measurement.

Moreover, participants can bring their own specimens and they will have the opportunity to perform measurements on them.

Dr. Prantl will be happy to accommodate the COTECH partners interested on the workshop but please remember that only a limited number of instruments will be available in order to allow the hands-on workshop. Make sure you book your place at the workshop as soon as possible within this week.

For further information, please see the attached 'Logistics' document, which you can download by clicking on the icon below. following myndsphere links:

For further specific enquiries, you are welcome to contact directly Dr. Prantl at ALICONA IMAGING Gmbh by email.