Aimed at engineers, biologists and chemists, this course will provide an introduction to MEMS and Micro-Fluidics in the context of the imminent expansion of System-on-Chip and System-in-Package technologies which enable the creation of miniature devices that integrate transducers electronic signal processing.

Participants of the course, which takes place at the University of Lancaster, UK, will also experience a number of hands-on experiments that demonstrate some of the basic processes that take place in a micro-fluidic device. The expected outcomes of participation on the course are the following:

  • An understanding of the technologies and assembly solutions needed for specific classes of functions.

  • An understanding of the underpinning engineering science associated with micro-fluidics.

  • An understanding of the structure of a range of sensors and actuators used in Bio-MEMS and fluidic systems.

  • The ability to use hand calculation and computer based simulation to design a range of micro structures and fluidic functions.

  • The ability to interpret material properties, and to understand the impact of these properties on system performance.

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