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There will be a EUMINAfab workshop held on 14th September 2010 as a satellite event to the E-MRS 2010 Fall meeting in Warsaw.

EUMINAfab is the first European Research Infrastructure on multimaterial micro and nanotechnology. It offers open and no-cost access to state of the art fabrication and characterisation technologies for a multitude of functional materials. The consortium of 10 partners offers no fee access, to 36 installations representing over 70 technologies based at leading micro and nano fabrication facilities across Europe. Accompanying the availability of equipment with an investment value of over 200M€ are 40 technology experts ready to advise from the first concept of a project idea.

The aim of the workshop is to present the services members of the EUMINAfab network can offer to SMEs and researchers in the area of nanotechnology and nano-characterisation.

The series of talks will give an across introduction to the technologies available, describe the virtual infrastructure and offer the opportunity for consultation with some of our technology experts. Jorge Ramiro from Tekniker, Spain, will exemplify technologies for optical and sensor applications provided by the partners of the consortium and Frank Dirne form MiPlaza, Netherlands, will contrast direct write with replication patterning technologies. Other speakers are Steffen Scholz from Cardiff University and Susan Anson from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology.

For venue and local information, please visit the E-MRS Fall Meeting web page.


Central Campus of the Warsaw University of Technology, Plac Politechniki 1, 00-661, Warsaw, Poland.

Workshop Participation is free of charge.