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June 16th - 27th 2014, Technical University of Denmark

This course, supported by the 4M Association, is situated in the context of emerging micro/nano technologies. Micromechanical components play an increasing role in micro systems. The use of metals, polymers and ceramics for miniature components requires product development methods as well as manufacturing technologies.

Product dimensions will range from micrometre to millimetre. The attendees will get insights on the complete product development from requirements and technology possibilities to manufacturing and testing, in an industrial perspective. Indeed it is now well known that micro/nanotechnology is not only a matter of downscaling applications and methods.

After the course the attendees will:

• Get an understanding of applied product development methodologies adapted to micro technology in general and to micro mechanical products in particular

• Be able to choose and apply the most relevant process chains given the requirement of micro mechanical systems

• Have an understanding of supporting technologies such as metrology, handling and assembly in a micro technology context

• Gain understanding of the complete product development, collaboration and integration.

Note: Registration deadline May 11th, 2014

Fees: - Registration fee 400 EUR - Accomodation (for students requesting it) 400 EUR

For accomodation details please see here

For questions concerning accomodation please contact: Pia Holst Nielsen

For questions concerning course content and organization, please contact: Giuliano Bissacco

NOTE: ONLY FOR MEK PH.D.-STUDENTS: Please contact Pia Holst Nielsen for further information.

Visit the DTU PhD Summer School website for full information.