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• To identify at least three application fields/products fed by KETs as defined by 4M2020.

• To highlight the 4M technologies/processes which are currently under development and promise to become economically viable in 7 to 10 years.


The 2014 edition of the Summer School on “Micro Mechanical Systems Design and Manufacture” organized by DTU in collaboration with the 4M association was attended by 13 students representing 5 countries of affiliation and 12 different nationalities! The students took part in an intense training made of lectures mainly in the mornings and project work in the afternoons. This year the summer school featured the Workshop “4M2020 through the young eyes” where questions on technology trends and possibilities where asked to the young researchers attending the course. Exciting guest lectures were given by Prof. Stefan Dimov from the University of Birmingham and Dr. Jun Qian from KU Leuven . The students’ task was to create a fully working prototype of a micro connector for hearing aid devices based on MID technologies. The project included design, fabrication and testing according to functional specifications. During the two weeks, the students explored alternative design solutions, selected a suitable process chain, carried out the fabrication of moulds and parts as well as the metrological assessment and functional validation of the produced prototypes. The project work was a great success, demonstrating the enthusiastic participation and the determination of a great group of students.

A warm support was given to the organizers and students as well by the 4M Association who supplied 6 scholarships and by the EU FP7 project Hi Micro which has partially funded the Summer School.

On the social side the weather was very nice, and the students staying in the youth-hostel have enjoyed the proximity with the woods and beaches as well as the camaraderie spirit . We also met in Copenhagen for a farewell diner in a nice Italian restaurant!

Let me remind you that the website for next year Summer School will still be found in due time at


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