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Eurotraining Launches NEW Website!

eurotraining The European project EuroTraining has launched their new website which offers access to hundreds of training courses for European industry and SME Thematic training, aswell as events in the field of nanoelectronics, nano systems, microelectronics and micro-nanosystems. Read more>>

EUSPEN Micro/Nano Manufacturing Workshop, KIT

euspan November 27-28th, 2013 | Germany

The emergence of products based on micro and nanotechnology has increased during the last two decades. The first commercially available products of these types were based on the VLSI technology and are usually referred to as micro electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) or nano electro-mechanical systems (NEMS). An increase in the push of products based on other materials such as metals, polymers and ceramics is significant, so many efforts are focused towards this area, usually referred to as micro/nano manufacturing. Read more>>

Microsystems on plastic parts: from component packaging to the electronic of the future


December 12th, 2013 | France

The market for smart plastics today is experiencing a significant growth, due in particular to the latest innovations from the combined fields of plastics and electronics. Indeed, if the polymeric materials have long been limited to the function of packaging electronic components, their current implementation associates with electronic functions themselves. Read more>>

9th International Conference on MicroManufacturing (ICOMM 2014)

icomm2014 March 25-28th, 2014 | Singapore

The 9th International Conference on MicroManufacturing (ICOMM 2014) organized by the International Institution of Micro Manufacturing (I2M2) will be held in Singapore March 25-28th, 2014. It is hosted jointly by Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and National University of Singapore (NUS). Read more>>

ASME 2014 12th Biennial Conference on Engineering Systems Design and Analysis - ESDA2014

esda June 25-27th, 2014 | Denmark

ESDA2014 is organised by ASME in cooperation with the Danish Society of Engineers (IDA) and the Danish Society of Mechanical Engineers (DMS) and will be held at the Tivoli Congress Center in Copenhagen, Denmark, June 25-27, 2014. Read more>>

World’s first commercial nanostructured bulk metal

bulkmetal In a paper published in the Science and Technology of Advanced Materials, Bhadeshia introduces the world's first bulk nanostructured metal in commercial production. The nanostructure-controlled high-strength bainitic steel, where the thickness of bainitic ferrite platelets is controlled between 20 and 50 nm. Read more>>

Training Courses in Microsystems

FSRM FSRM (Fondation suisse pour la recherche en microtechnique) offers a comprehensive range of training courses, in a number of languages (English, French, German). They are pleased to offer members of the 4M Association a 10% discount on course fees. Read more>>

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