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4M2013 Second Call for Papers, First Invited Speakers and Special Sessions Announced, 4M2020 CSA Proposal, Can Glass be Brittle OR Ductile?, New Journal Publish on Surface Topography - Now Open for Papers, COMS 2013, FSRM Training.

Second Call for Papers - Reminder

4M2013 The Second Call for Papers is published. The deadline for submission of papers is the 27th March 2013. Four Invited Speakers have already been confirmed aswell as three projects: IMPRESS, SMARTFRAME, and EUMINAfab will host special sessions within the conference programme. Further information is available, and will be regularly updated, on the 4M2013 webpages.

4M2020 CSA Proposal

The application for coordinated support action for 4M2020 was successful and negotiations are now in progress. The Commission anticipates that the programme will start on the 1st September 2013 with the project launched formally at this years 4M2013 Conference. The summary for the 4M2020 CSA Proposal is available to view here.

BMG: Brittle Or Ductile

4M2013 In a paper published online in the journal Nature Communications, a Yale University team and collaborators propose a way of predicting whether a given glass will be brittle or ductile — a desirable property typically associated with metals like steel or aluminium — and assert that any glass could have either quality. Read more>>

New Journal: Surface Topography: Metrology & Properties - Open for Papers

4M2013 The journal will focus on the progress in surface metrology, surface characterisation instrumentation and properties of surfaces. The journal aims to provide an international forum for academics, industrialists and engineers from different disciplines to present results, latest research and case studies. Read more>>

Conference on Commercialization of Micro and Nanosystems COMS 2013

4M2013 Date: 25-28 August 2013 | Venue: Enschede, The Netherlands. COMS 2013 is the 18th edition of the annual international conference on commercializing micro- and nanotechnology. This edition is all about connecting different worlds, realizing creative systems. COMS will provide you with the latest information on technology transfer, manufacturing processes, facilities, infrastructure, investment, applications and markets. Read more>>

Training Courses in Microsystems

FSRM FSRM (Fondation suisse pour la recherche en microtechnique) offers a comprehensive range of training courses, in a number of languages (English, French, German). They are pleased to offer members of the 4M Association a 10% discount on course fees. Read more>>

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