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4M MEMBERSHIP for 2014

joinus If you would like to renew your annual membership, or join the 4M Association as a new member, please contact the Secretariat for more information. Benefits of membership include reduced conference fees, networking opportunities, access to 4M research infrastructure and knowledge and much more. Membership is annual and runs from January to December. Join us today!>>

Applications of super-resolution imaging in the field of surface topography measurement

topography A large range of high-value manufactured parts require structures to be produced over large areas (metres squared) at high-resolution (micrometres and smaller). Such manufacturing puts demands on the metrology that is required to assure product quality. High-speed, in-line metrology solutions are required to operate over large ranges with high-resolution. In this review, the use of optical super-resolution techniques to enhance the dynamic range of surface topography measuring instruments to allow them to be used in high dynamic range manufacturing scenarios will be highlighted. Read more>>

FoodMicroSystems roadmaps now published!

foodmicroThe Four reports are available: three roadmaps for the implementation of microsystems in the dairy, meat and beverage sectors and one final report. This final report provides suggestions to address the technological needs in three areas: chemical and biochemical electronic sensors, microorganism detection and tracking and tracing systems. enablingMNT has coordinated the roadmapping work package. To download the reports, click here. For more information, contact: Patric Salomon, enablingMNT GmbH, E-mail: patric@enablingmnt.com

4th International Conference on Nanomanufacturing

nanoman2014 July 8 - 10, 2014 | Venue: Bremen, Germany

Global trends towards miniaturisation have opened new fields in science and technology. The push for nanotechnology has extended the field of manufacturing so that a new discipline known as nanomanufacturing has emerged. Nanomanufacturing encompasses the synthesis of material sciences, fabrication of devices and systems, characterisation methods and applications of nanoscience and nanotechnologies. Read more>>

5th Electronics System-Integration Technology Conference

estc2014 September 16 – 18, 2014 | Venue: Finlandia Hall, Helsinki, Finland

Organized by IEEE-CPMT since 2006, the Electronics System-Integration Technology Conferences (ESTC) series is the premier venue for academics and industry to present and discuss the latest developments in assembly and interconnection technology and new applications. Read more>>

9th International Workshop on Microfactories - Call for Papers

iwmf2014 October 5 – 8, 2014 | Venue: Honolulu, HI - USA

There is incredible potential in reducing the physical scale of numerous processes related to the manufacture of many forms of future dense "mechatronic" products and the manipulation of microscopic and nanoscopic objects and materials for the benefit of mankind. Small systems capable of these operations can be referred to as "microfactories." Read more>>

2nd Conference on MicroFluidic Handling Systems

mhfs2014 October 8 – 10, 2014 | Venue: University of Freiburg

The 2nd International Conference on Microfluidic Handling Systems (MFHS 2014) focuses mainly on the technology, components, devices and systems that enable the application in microfluidic systems. It provides an excellent opportunity for scientists and engineers from academia, research institutes and companies to discuss the latest results in the field of microfluidic handling systems. Read more>>

4M Member SITEX Publishes Project Partner Success Story

sensglass SENSGLASS: Innovative Optical Micro sensors based on Rare-Earth-Doped Ph - The general objective of this project is the development of an innovative sensor to be used in measuring of 1D and 2D angular displacement, based on the previous outcomes of R&D activities performed by consortium members. The essential constituent of the intended non-contact speckle laser sensor is a rare-earth-doped phosphate glass (REPG) part. A novel method for measurement of a singular 1D and 2D displacement for arbitrarily shaped objects will be developed along with the device. Read more>>

Training Courses in Microsystems

FSRM FSRM (Fondation suisse pour la recherche en microtechnique) offers a comprehensive range of training courses, in a number of languages (English, French, German). They are pleased to offer members of the 4M Association a 10% discount on course fees. Read more>>

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