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INDUSTRIAL WORKSHOP Higher Value production technologies and KET enabled applications

(by Invitation only)

This project cluster workshops brings together a critical mass of industry facing R&D programmes that are strongly interrelated and aims to achieve two main objectives with this workshop: 1) Participants to get an insight to key technical achievements and their potential for use in different product/application contexts; 2) Cross-fertilization of technology ideas underpinning existing and new emerging applications/products.

The format adopted for this workshop will allow more than 30 exploitable results to be presented in “innovation pitches” of 5‐minutes highlights. At the same time, during panel discussions and the coffee breaks participants will be able to interact with the presenters and other participants to discuss business opportunities and potential new joint ventures.

Please find attached the workshop flyer with its programme.

HIPR - High precision micro-forming of complex 3D parts

3D-HIPMAS - Pilot factory for 3D high precision MID assembly

SMARTLAM - Smart production of Microsystems based on laminated polymer films

MICRO-FAST - Fast process and production system for high-throughput, flexible and cost-efficient vol. production of min. components

FABIMED - Fabrication and functionalization of biomedical microdevices

HI-MICRO - High precision micro production technologies

HINMICO - High throughout integrated technologies for multimaterial functional micro Components

EXTFACTORY - All-in-one manufacturing platform for system

HYPROLINE - Hybrid Manufacturing Platforms for Production of Miniaturised Components

4M2020 - Advanced Manufacturing of Multi-Material Multi-Functional Products Towards 2020 and Beyond

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