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Update - 4M/ICOMM 2015

4M2020 Logo Papers are invited that present original research and development in processes and process chains for multi-material nano/micro/meso scale manufacture. All papers must be technical in nature and include original work. Selected papers will be fast tracked in following journals: ASME Journal of Micro and Nano Manufacturing (JMNM), SME Journal of Manufacturing Processes (JMP). Read more>>

4M Announcement - 4M2020 Foresight Forum

4M2020 Logo Grenoble, France. 9th - 11th September 2014. 20 Projects will be presented, interest was very high and we are not able to accommodate any further requests from project to participate. This is just the start of a series of 4M2020 workshops, the 4M Community will be invited to contribute to future events. A summary of the event will be provided in the October newsletter.

4M Announcement - 4M2020 Open Innovation Portal

4M2020 Logo The first phase of the open innovation portal is now available to all users. You are able to submit and view opportunities for collaboration as well as download case studies. New opportunities will be added weekly. Read more>>

13th Conference on Management and Innovative Technologies

4M2020 Logo Human factors, “technosophy” (the wise application of technology) and sustainability have been key areas of interest for many of the MIT conference’s contributors (since 1995) and now, as we announce our call for contributions to the 13th MIT Conference in 2014, in a year of continuing but recovery from global recession, financial and environmental challenges, our conference seems as relevant and important as ever. Read more>>


4M2020 Logo ECNP Industrial Training Workshop. ECNP-GROWTH addresses the consolidation of the ECNP and is currently operating in coordinating research, dissemination and technology transfer activities among its partners. ECNP is focused on the continuation of the four main activities of the NoE: a joint research road map, a joint educational programme, a joint infrastructure and joint technology transfer services in the specific field of multifunctional nanostructured polymers and nanocomposites. Read more>>

Nanostructured Polymers & Nanocomposites

4M2020 Logo 8th ECNP International Conference on Nanostructured Polymers and Nanocomposites. The conference covers polymer science from fundamentals to applications: synthesis of polymers and macromolecular architectures, characterization, processing, as well as theory of polymers and nanocomposites. The focus is on functional polymeric materials and nanocomposites involving supramolecular chemistry and interface design as well as aspects of sustainability. Read more>>

Brokerage Event for Science & Technologies in NMBP

4M2020 Logo The brokerage event is free of charge. Space is limited so attendance is restricted to one person per entity and subscribers will be accepted and confirmed observing the need for a balanced participation from industries and research entities and the priority to earlier applications. Read more>>

Successful Summer School Workshop

4M2020 Logo Copenhagen, Denmark, 18 June 2014 - The main aim of the workshop was to get the point of view of young scientists for the current state and future development of Micro- and Nano-manufacturing Technologies (MNT), as well as to find out their understanding of the industrial application of these technologies in the next 3 to 5 years. Read more>>

Precision Engineering Industrial Short Course

4M2020 Logo 15-19 September 2014 at Cranfield University, UK - The course is aimed at engineers working in the machine tool, automotive, aerospace, optics and semiconductor industries.
Read more>>

FSRM courses in micro-/nanotech

4M2020 Logo To get the discount, members should mention “10% discount for 4M members” on the registration form. Read more>>

Special Interest Group Meeting

4M2020 Logo Structured and Freeform Surfaces - 19th - 20th November 2014, Palazzo Santo Stefano, Italy.
Call for Short Abstracts: Deadline 12th September 2014 - Topics to include: - Replication Techniques (inc. Embossing, Imprinting ...), Structured Surfaces to Effect Function, Precision Freeform Surfaces, Large Scale Surface Structuring (incl. R2R & Printed Electronics). Read more>>

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