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4M 2012 - Vienna, Austria, 9-11th October

4M2011 The deadline for papers has passed and the submission site is now closed. The first review is underway. The first Invited Speakers have been announced. The conference will be held in the modern surroundings of the new 1,200 m² EURO PLAZA Conference Center. An initial selection of suggested Hotels is also now available. Further information can be found on the 4M2012 webpages which will be regularly updated. .html

World's first lens-less microscope

The University of Sheffield has produced the world's first lens-less microscope. With no technical limit to image accuracy or resolution, the technology is cheaper to produce than standard microscopes and is even able to `see through´ solid state devices such as microchips. .html

Laser source with adapted wavelength for polymer welding developed

IPG Laser GmbH, working within the frame of the European POLYBRIGHT project, have developed a new laser source with an optical power of 500W that will extend the.html limits of polymer welding.

Diving into the world of the very small

An ERC funded project has built microscopic moving parts on to the ends of optical fibres, leading to better instruments for observing and measuring at the nanoscale. .html

Rapid, low-cost, point of care flu detection from a microfluidic chip

A four-year study at Boston University has validated a prototype rapid, low-cost, accurate, point-of-care device that promises a better standard of care..html

Training Courses in Microsystems

FSRM fsrm (Fondation suisse pour la recherche en microtechnique) offers a comprehensive range of training courses, in a number of languages (English, French, German). They are pleased to offer members of the 4M Association a 10% discount on course fees. More information here.

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