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4M 2011 - Stuttgart, Germany, 8-10th November

4M2011 The first Call for Papers for the 4M2011 Conference is published and available to download from the conference webpages. A provisional list of key dates is also ready, the most important at the moment being the deadline for submission of full (4-page) papers which is 8th April 2011. Please distribute the Call for Papers to all those who may be interested to enable our conference to continue to grow.

4M 2010 Special Issue

We are pleased to inform you that selected papers from the recent 4M2010 conference are to form the basis of a Special Issue of the Micro and Nanosystems Journal, probably in September. Authors of the selected papers will be contacted soon with instructions of how to proceed, but all members of the 4M Association may be called upon to assist in the Review process, so you cooperation will be appreciated.

This will be the fifth in a series of Special Issues to arise from the 4M Conferences.

Research Associate in laser processing

The Manufacturing Engineering Centre (MEC) at the School of Engineering, Cardiff University is looking to recruit a Research Associate (RA) in the area of laser processing.

MultiLayer - Public Workshop on "Tape Assembly"

A public workshop on “Tape assembly” will be held on 29th March 2011 in Stockholm. More details about this event are available on the Multilayer webpages. Registration required by 28th February 2011.

Met & Props, 12th - 15th April, 2011

The 13th International Conference on Metrology and Properties of Engineering Surfaces is a prestigious international conference, focusing on progress in surface metrology, surface characterisation instrumentation and properties of engineering surfaces. This year it is being held at the National Physical Laboratory.


EuroNanoForum is a biannual event organised by the European Commission. For the first time EuroNanoForum and Nanotech Europe will be joining forces to create the largest European nanotechnology event of 2011.


This event will be held for the first time on 29 Aug - 2 Sept 2011 in Changchun, China. 3M-NANO covers advanced technologies for handling on the nanoscale, including manipulation, measurement and manufacturing on the nanoscale.

COMS 2011

COMS brings together leaders from all over the world and every sector of industry, all sharing, learning and creating partnerships in an open interactive setting. For more information visit the event page.

Training Courses in Microsystems

FSRM fsrm (Fondation suisse pour la recherche en microtechnique) offers a comprehensive range of training courses, in a number of languages (English, French, German). They are pleased to offer members of the 4M Association a 10% discount on course fees. More information here.

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