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Ceramics/Sensors & Actuators Workshop

A joint workshop between 4M Ceramic and Sensor & Actuators divisions will be held in Goteborg on 11th March. This event is three fairs in one and the topics are Polymers (Scanplast), Design (Konstruktion och Design) and Electronics (Electronix). For full information see the event page.

4M/ICOMM 2009

Thank you to all those who have submitted papers for 4M/ICOMM 2009. We received almost 100 papers and the review process starts today. Visit the conference webpages for further information. We are pleased to announce that our list of invited speakers is now complete:

Prof. Ian Hutchings - Cambridge University, UK - Opportunities and limitations of inkjet printing in micro-manufacturing
Dr Sylvain Ballandras - FEMTO-ST, CNRS, France - Single-crystal based composite wafers for high quality passive RF microdevices
Prof. Roland Zengerle - IMTEK, University of Freiburg, Germany - Microfluidic Platforms for Miniaturization, Integration and Automation of Biochemical Assays
Prof. Shiv G. Kapoor - University of Illinois, USA - CNT- Composites for the Micro-World - Design for Functionality and Manufacturabilty
Prof. Mustafizur Rahman - National University of Singapore - Tool-based compound micro/nano machining
Prof. Dave Blank - MESA+, Institute for nanotechnology - Perspectives in Micro and Nanofabrication of new functional materials

4M Summer School

The Summer School, once again hosted by DTU, takes place this year from 15th - 26th June 2009. Please note these dates down and consider sending your students, attendance at this Summer School is eligible expenditure for your 4M monies. More information will be added to the Summer School page when programme is finalised and speakers are engaged.

Vacancy for PhD at TU Vienna

A vacancy exists for a PhD student at our 4M Partners in the Institute of Sensors and Actuators. Further information about the vacancy is available. .html

Networks of Excellence - what did they achieve?

The EC appointed an Expert Group to look at the achievements of NoEs. A particular focus is directed towards the issues of ‘critical mass’ and ‘integration’. The expert group discusses the special nature of the ‘intermediate collective research goods’ NoEs are producing as well as the structural aspect of NoEs originally supposed to form a new intra-European layer of durable virtual research organisations. Their full report can be downloaded here.

EuronanoForum (ENF'09)

This event, being hosted by the Czech Republic during its Presidency of the EC, takes place in Prague from 2nd to 5th June 2009. MINAM is to host a session on 2nd June 2009, and 4M, in collaboration with EUMINAfab, will hold a session on "Micro & Nano Fabrication of Functional Structures and Devices" on 4th June 2009, from 1400 hrs to 1530 hrs - further details to follow. Full details about ENF09 on the event page.


This conference, IEE IROS 2009, will feature an invited session on "Advanced Control Techniques in Micro/Nano Manipulation".

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