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4M Workshop on Devices for Harsh Environments

This workshop takes place in Vienna on 8th June 2009, partners are invited to both contribute and participate to this event.

Ceramics Processing in Microtechnology

4M Ceramics Division This book, which is a major deliverable from the 4M Ceramics Division, is now published. It presents an overview of the current status and future prospects for the processing of ceramic materials in microtechnology. It encompasses the complete process from requirements of the design process, through material development, microforming and thermal processing, and metrology. .html

Final meeting of the 4M Metals division

The final meeting of the Metals Division is hosted by UNINA and will take place in Naples on 9th June 2009.

4M Summer School

4M Summer School 2008 The latest information is now available on the Summer School website. You can find out what past attendees of the 4M summer school thought about it here. The Summer School takes place this year from 15th - 26th June 2009. Please note these dates down and consider sending your students, attendance at this Summer School is eligible expenditure for your 4M monies.

4M Final Governing Council meeting

4M Governing CouncilThe final meeting of the 4M Governing Council took place on 18th & 19th May 2009 in Karlsruhe, Germany. 26 of the 30 Partner organisations were represented which illustrates the commitment that has been shown to the 4M Network of Excellence..html

Integrating optical sensing into lab-on-a-chip systems

Interesting article that describes how a combination of waveguides and microfluidics is easily achieved through femtosecond-laser micromachining..html

Multipurpose integrated active contact lenses

Another article of interest to the 4M community, predicting that electronics, sensors, and communication capabilities will all be embedded in the contact lenses of the future. .html

4M/ICOMM 2009

4M/icomm 2009 Thanks to our growing number of sponsors who have agreed to support the conference. Thanks also to all authors who have submitted their updated papers ready for the second stage of the peer review process. This is now launched and reviewers should complete their review by 15th May 2009. Visit the conference webpages for further information. The latest draft of the programme is now available and features Special Sessions from the COTECH and MultiLayer projects. You can also register for the conference now.

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