Terms & Conditions

4M was established as a Network of Excellence under the European Framework Program 6 (FP6) to develop Micro- and Nano- Technology (MNT) for the batch-manufacture of micro-components and devices in a variety of materials for future microsystems products.

The aim of the Network was to act as a knowledge resource to the research community and to industry in the development of microsystems devices. Cardiff University was the co-ordinator of the Network during the lifetime of the project, now administered by C-Tech Innovation, which has taken over the role of providing further support to assist in the Network’s continued running (under the title "4M Association") beyond the period of FP6 funding. C-Tech Innovation intends to continue the running of the network and maintain links and contacts between members.

Fees are exclusive of VAT and are non-refundable. Fees can be paid either by invoice or by Credit Card. In return for payment of Fees, and subject to adequate uptake of membership, the 4M Association will endeavour to provide:

  • networking ( local/regional/technical contact groups/clusters)
  • an interface between research community & industry
  • joint working/interest groups addressing specific, but common, topics
  • brokerage service offering access to the expert design, prototype and manufacturing services of the other member organisations
  • new business opportunities via contacts among membership
  • consortium building for industry-led joint projects in emerging research areas in order to bid jointly for EC, national and industrial funding
  • access to 4M research infrastructure and knowledge (4M Knowledge repository)
  • reduced fees to 4M Conferences

C-Tech Innovation will adhere to the Data Protection Act 1998. The information supplied by members and held by C-Tech Innovation will be used in the running of the 4M Association to endeavour to provide members with access to the resources described above and to bring to attention events, news and information that may be of benefit to members.

4M is a 'membership only' network, designed to support and enhance innovation, through which Business Professionals and Academics seek to make contact with each other. By definition, the activities of the 4M Association also provides opportunities for you to interact with Cardiff University and other members to share ideas and best practice. To this end, your details, from time to time, will be shared with other 4M Network members.

Your privacy is important to the 4M Association ( and C-Tech Innovation). As such:

  • You MUST be 18 years old or over to join the 4M Network and/or participate in 4M Network events;
  • We will not select companies to send you information about other products or services;
  • By signing up for 4M membership, attending events and entering information onto the 4M website you are opting into 4M announcements and newsletters and, on acceptance, become a member of the 4M Network;
  • The 4M Association ( and C-Tech Innovation) may disclose your personal information to third parties with whom it seeks to develop or create partnerships.

Attendance lists of delegates who register for 4M Association events are made available to other 4M Association delegates with the sole aim of facilitating networking at the meetings. Under no circumstances should these details be used by 4M Association members for any other purpose or distributed in any form to non-members. In no event should these details be used to contact members in order to advertise, or offer to buy or sell any goods or services, or conduct or forward surveys, contests or chain letters.

Membership of the 4M Network may be terminated at any time and without any reason by C-Tech Innovation or the Member upon notification of the other by electronic or conventional mail.