Invited Speakers 4M2015

Prof. Fengzhou Fang

Centre of MicroNano Manufacturing Technology,

Tianjian University,


"Nanomanufacturing: perspectives and applications"

Prof. Christian Hoppmann

Instituts für Kunststoffverarbeitung (Insitute of Plastics Processing) ,

RWTH Aachen University,


"Process development for the production of plastics parts with micro features"

Prof. Arianna Menciassi

Biorobotics Institute,

Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna - Pisa,


"Challenges and opportunities for actuation in microrobotics and medical applications"

4th congress on Micro and Nano Manufacturing

Micromachines - Supporting the 4M Association

MDPI - Supporting the 4M Association

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4M Conference Series

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