4M Announcement - Call for Projects: 4M2020 Foresight Forum

The 4M2020 programme (*) is organising a Foresight Forum from the 9th to 11th September 2014 in Grenoble (F) to review the research needs in Micro and Nano Manufacturing and inform H2020 about future priorities in this field. A number of projects that are currently funded by the Commission have already been identified and invited to attend, but we would also like to offer the opportunity for the 4M Association community to propose other projects to attend the forum.

The projects should be collaborative and operating at the time of the Forum.

This is an invitation only event, and we would be very grateful if you could indicate your intention to attend by replying to David Gardner and Brigitte Rameau by the ##12th June## stating the name of the project, and the contact details of the project coordinator who will be invited to attend the Forum.

Peers discussions will be animated and structured in clusters of technologies / application domains. Main challenges and recommendations will be formulated towards strategic and coherent R&D efforts in support of the EU industry and value chains in Micro and Nano Manufacturing. This Forum is an opportunity for the Micro and Nano Manufacturing community to discuss and define its vision and future priorities in the context of H2020, and to identify potential future high-impact projects.

Dr. Erastos Filos, Project Officer in charge of 4M2020, is actively supporting this foresight event and will be attending the workshop with the Project Technical Advisor.

Further information concerning the organisation of this Forum and a full programme will be communicated to you by end of June.

In the meantime, please note the dates of 9th-11th of September in your agenda and, as given above, please confirm to David Gardner and Brigitte Rameau by the 12th June 2014.

I hope that you can see the importance of this Forum in helping the Commission to identify future micro nanomanufacturing opportunities during the H2020, and I look forward to meeting you in September in Grenoble.

Dr. David Gardner, 4M2020 Project Coordinator

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