4M2012 Conference

Vienna, Austria


EURO PLAZA Conference Center, Vienna, Austria.


The main conference programme takes place from 9th - 11th October 2012

COTECH Training for Professionals

On the 8th October, the COTECH project will be holding its final training event at the same venue, for which you can REGISTER HERE.

4M2012 Detailed Programme

The Detailed Programme(*) including the schedule for presentations is available to download at bottom of this webpage.

(*) The programme may be changed by the organisers without prior notification.

Detailed programme Days 1 to 3_Provisional.pdf121.03 KB

Invited Speakers 4M2012

The following speakers have already agreed to address the 4M2012 Conference:

Prof. B. Jakoby, Institute for Microelectronics and Microsensors, Johannes Kepler University Linz, Austria
"Miniaturized sensors for physical fluid properties”

Dr. Hans Loeschner, IMS-Nanofabrication, Austria
" Electron Multi-Beam Mask Writer development for the Semiconductor Industry"

Associate Prof. J. Rhett Mayor, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
"High-speed, High Precision Micromachining: Fundamentals to applications"

Prof. Jürgen Stampfl, TUWien, Austria
"Additive Manufacturing of high performance ceramic structures"

Prof. Lin Li, Manchester University, UK
"Computer Integrated, Automatic Fabrication of Large Area User Defined Periodic Micro/Nano Patterns Using Scanning Particle Lens Array"

Cristina Fernández-Ramos, European Commission, DG-Research and Innovation, G2, New Forms of Production
"Horizon 2020"

Submission Guidelines


Submission of full paper19th March 2012
Submission of revised paper8th June 2012
Submission of final paperend of July 2012

Step by Step Guide

  1. Go to the conference submission website
  2. To submit a paper follow the Submit paper link
    • fill in the form, ensuring all required information is present and correct
    • make sure you remember your password. Each paper is given a paper id and password, which allows all authors to update the submission information or re-upload the paper
    • the submitted paper must be in PDF format
    • Make sure you follow the template of the sample paper which can be downloaded by clicking on the icon below.
    • the total number of pages should not exceed four(4)
    • submit the paper by 19th March, 2012 deadline
  3. If required, update the submission information, like author details, by following the Edit Submission link
  4. If required, for example after review, you can re-upload the paper, using the Re-Upload Paper link
  5. If your paper is accepted with revisions, re-upload the revised paper as above, but as a .doc file, by 8th June, 2012
  6. Submit the final version of the paper and send us the copyright forms by end of July, 2012

Note: All authors will be asked to review papers and will be automatically entered into the reviewer pool for the conference. We will send further reviewer guidelines

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History of the 4M Conference Series

This series of conferences on multi-material micro-manufacture is organised by the 4M Association. 4M2006 attendees

Past 4M conferences

Links to the Proceedings from the above conferences can be found here.

Scope of 4M Conference

Microsystems-based products are a key value-adding element for many sectors of industry - and the predicted nanotechnology future will also be largely delivered by microtechnologies. While the late 20th century saw a silicon-based microelectronics revolution, the 21st century looks forward to the adoption of micro- and nano-manufacturing technologies as the demand for function and length scale integrations increases continuously on the way to bridging the gap between the nano- and the macro-worlds.

The existing imbalance between the ease with which batch-fabricated microcomponents and microsystems can be produced in silicon compared to the difficulties and costs associated with their manufacture in other materials hinders the introduction of new microsystems-based products into the market. Although there may be commercial advantages to leveraging the present suite of IC-based processes and materials, they will not be able to meet the demands of emerging products for 3D and high aspect ratio structures, enhanced-force microactuation, improved environmental resistance, high precision, and unification and standardisation. To broaden the range of microsystems-based products and to simultaneously multiply their capabilities requires the integration of new materials and precision engineering technologies for their processing with IC-based, batch-fabrication processes. Whilst these are the major challenges in developing new products they also offer promising research and development areas for innovation and opportunities for value creation.

Therefore the main goal of the 4M Conference series is to provide a forum for experts from industry and academia to share the results of their research in an open, friendly and rewarding environment and in so doing to advance the creation of micro-manufacturing capabilities that can take advantage of the opportunities described above, such as:

Sponsoring 4M2012

Stand out from the rest in front of more than 100 micro-manufacturing experts from around the world. As a sponsor, you can promote your company’s mission even more effectively to the assembled individuals and organisations attending 4M2012 while learning about the latest advances in micro-manufacturing research.

What our Sponsors say:

Victoire de Margerie "Rondol are pleased to be sponsoring this year's conference. Its focus on micro-manufacturing fits well with our business and we recognise it as a valuable means of staying alert to the latest developments in various aspects of cross-sectoral research. We look forward to meeting the 4M Members and delegates in Austria."

Victoire de Margerie, Rondol Technology Ltd.

Angelo Quadroni at 4M2010 "SARIX is proud to have participated in 4M conferences for the last 7 years. The network of enthusiastic specialists in multi-material micro-manufacturing that come together in the 4M Association has been the seed of many initiatives in the field, and its events have been a source of stimuli for our activity and innovation too. We look forward to participating in this network for many more years to come."

Angelo Quadroni, CEO, SARIX SA.

Platinum Sponsorship Package


Gold Package


Silver Package


Bronze Package


If you are interested in sponsoring the conference, please contact Chris Matthews.

Registration & fees

Register for the 4M 2012 Conference via the dedicated 4M2012 Registration Site

Important Dates

Notification of acceptance in Final PublicationJuly 16th 2012
Authors Final Registration17th August 2012
Final Early Bird Registration14th September 2012
Public Final Registration9th October 2012
4M2012 Conference9-11 October 2012

In order for a paper to be included in the conference programme and appear in the proceedings at least one author must register for the conference. The Authors Final Registration deadline is fixed in relation to the production cycle of the proceedings and cannot be changed.

Conference Fees

Category Early Birds
before deadline above
after deadline above
Full attendance£500£560
Full attendance 4M Association member£340£390

The conference fees (in GBP) include printed proceedings, lunches, refreshments, and conference dinner.

Click here to get to 4M2012 Registration Site

Call for Papers 4M2012

The first Call for Papers for 4M2012 is published and can be viewed or downloaded by clicking on the icon below.

Deadline for submission of papers is 9th March 2012.

First call for papers_v3.pdf224.18 KB

License Agreement


Submission of full paper9th March 2012
Submission of revised paper8th June 2012
Submission of final paperend of July 2012

License agreement

To publish your paper in the proceedings Cardiff University requests a formal written License agreement from the copyright owners for each article published. To avoid any delay in the publication of your article, please read the terms of the agreement, sign and return the completed form to us at the address below by the specified deadline.

The agreement establishes that the Licensor owns the copyright in the Article and grants Cardiff University a non-exclusive, royalty-free license in the Article to use the article for the Permitted Purpose, together with the right to sub-license as detailed below.

The Permitted Purpose shall mean Cardiff University’s right to publish the Article on any website controlled by Cardiff University, and for paper or electronic copies to be downloaded by third parties upon a free basis. Cardiff University shall also have the right to sub-license the Articles to third parties so that the Article may be placed upon websites controlled by such third parties and for paper or electronic copies to be downloaded by other third parties upon a free basis.

The licensor warrants that:


Please download the 4M2012 License Agreement by clicking on the icon below. When you have completed it please fax, scan or post it, by the specified deadline, to the address below. We would appreciate it if you also send us an email notification of sending the form.

Mr Chris Matthews
Contracts Administrator
Cardiff University
Queen's Buildings
The Parade
Cardiff, CF24 3AA

email: Chris Matthews
Telephone: +44(029)2087 4724
Facsimile: +44(029)2087 4939

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Hotels & Accommodation

The local organizers of the 4M2012 Conference recommend the following hotels:

Holiday Inn Vienna-South (50 rooms are blocked until 09th of September)
Hertha-Firnberg-Strasse 5
A-1100 Wien
Tel: +43 1 605 30 500 / Ms. Isabell Voss
Single Room 139 € special rate for “4M2012”
Breakfast 24 €
Shuttle service to the Conference venue: 7.50 € for 3-4 persons
Distance to Conference venue: 20 min. walk / 5 min. taxi
Nearest Underground station: U6 / Philadelphiabrücke / 20 min. walk

Gartenhotel Altmannsdorf (50 rooms are blocked until 09th of September)
Hoffingergasse 33
A-1120 Wien
Tel: +43 1 80 123 0
Single Room 80 € special rate for “4M2012”
Breakfast included
Distance to Conference venue: 20 min. walk / 5 min. taxi
Nearest Underground station: U6 / Am Schöpfwerk / 5 min. walk

Austria Trend Hotel Bosei
Gutheil-Schoder-Gasse 7b
A-1100 Wien
Tel: +43 1 661 06 0
Single Room 85 €
Breakfast 15 €
Distance to Conference venue: 20 min. walk / 5 min. taxi
Nearest Underground station: U6 / Tscherttegasse / 15 min. walk

Hotel in der Fabrik
Gaudenzdorfer Gürtel 73
A-1120 Wien
Tel: +43 1 813 28 00
Single room 80 €
Breakfast included
Distance to Conference venue: 40 min. walk / 15 min. taxi
Nearest underground station: U4 / Margaretengürtel / 5 min. walk

Rainers Hotel Vienna
Gudrunstrasse 184
A-1100 Wien
Tel: +43 1 605 80 0
Single Room 119 €
Breakfast 19 €
Distance to Conference venue: 35 min. walk / 10 min. taxi
Nearest Underground station: U1 / Keplerplatz / 12 min. walk

Organising Committee

Humbert Noll, FOTEC and University of Applied Sciences Wiener Neustadt, Austria (Chairman)

Nadja Adamovic, TU Wien, Austria (Co-Chair)
Stefan Dimov, Birmingham University, UK (Co-Chair)

Werner Brenner, TUWien, Austria
Chantal Khan-Malek, FEMTO-ST, France
Bertrand Fillon, CEA, France
Sabino Azcarate, TEKNIKER, Spain
Stéphane Bredeau, CEA, France
Hans Nørgaard Hansen, DTU, Denmark
Massimiliano Annoni, Politecnico di Milano, Italy
Victoire de Margerie, RONDOL Ltd, UK
Ulf Engel, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany
Kornel Ehmann, Northwestern University, IL, USA
Antony H.C.Lee, MIRDC, Taiwan
Dan Dascalu, IMT-Bucharest , Romania
Giancarlo Maccarini, Università Degli Studi Di Bergamo, Italy
Susan Anson, KIT, Germany
Lars Mattsson, KTH, Sweden
Eleonora Ferrraris, KULeuven, Belgium
Martin Richter, FhG EMFT, Germany
Sjoerd Haasl, IMEGO, Sweden
Andreas Schoth, University of Freiburg, Germany
Volker Schulze, KIT, Germany
Luc Federzoni, CEA, France
Heinz Kück, HSG-IMAT, Germany
Karl-Peter Fritz, HSG-IMAT, Germany
Holger Reinecke, HSG-IMIT & IMTEK, Germany
Pieter Bolt, TNO, Netherlands
Maurice van der Beek, Philips, Netherlands
Per Johander, Swerea-IVF, Sweden
Alexander Stuck, CSEM, Switzerland
Helmut Loibl, FOTEC, Austria
Chris Matthews, Cardiff University, UK

Review Guidelines

Deadlines (provisional)

End of first review4th May 2012
End of second review29th June 2012

Step by Step Guide

We have a two phase review process.

  1. You will receive a username and password via email
  2. You will receive an email notification about the papers you have to review
  3. Sign in as a reviewer on the submission website
  4. When ready, fill in the review forms
    • You don't need to complete the reviews in one go, you can always come back, just submit the unfinished form
    • To finish a review tick the complete box on the box and submit the form
  5. Complete the first reviews by 4th May, 2012
  6. During the second review make sure that the authors have made the changes you've recommended to your satisfaction, if not make a recommendation, change your comments, etc...
  7. Complete the second reviews by 29th June, 2012

Things to pay attention to

When carrying out this task you should consider the: